Gaming Mouse -"cheap but surprisingly well built"

The Patuoxun Zelotes mouse is amazing in my opinion, I switched from a wireless mouse to this one and the precision has increased quite a lot.
I recently started PC Gaming, (CS:GO) and this Gaming Mouse really helped aim and precision quite a lot. I set the DPI to 750 DPI and it can be increased up to 2500 with the software, not 6000 as it says. However, no one needs 6000DPI and a lower DPI is more accurate as the sensitivity is lower. The software that comes with the mouse is very good, you can customise the colour, the lighting patterns and remap buttons to do different things. I haven't messed around with it that much though. However, I have changed the colour to by constantly cycling through the spectrum of colours, which looks cool in my opinion. The mouse also feels very comfortable to use and it is very ergonomic even though it is an ambidextrous mouse, my hand wraps around it comfortably. The mouse has small pads at the bottom to stop them from slipping and even comes with replacement pads in case they wear out. All of the buttons are very clicky and it is easy to change the DPI on the fly.
A small gripe I have though is the gap in the middle of the scroll wheel if you scroll too much but I usually scroll up then lift my finger then scroll again so it isn't a problem.

In conclusion, I think this is an amazing mouse, especially for the price it is as it is cheap but surprisingly well built.
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