Rippl TV - Good but needs to be better

At first, the Rippl-TV seems to be a well built TV box, with a cool "ripple" design and the features it comes with.

The Patuoxun Rippl-TV does have all of the features it mentions but comes with limitations.

However, lets first talk about the pros of the TV. It is a relatively small Android TV Box and has great I/O. It has an ethernet port for more reliable internet. It has an SD Card Slot so you can extend the storage capacity as well as 2 USB ports for peripherals and USB Storage. It worked with my Wireless Keyboard and Mouse instantly without needing to install drivers. The Rippl-TV has a unique design and the LED on the front looks cool.


Also, the Rippl-TV comes pre rooted so it has full functionality to get the best out of Android. It is also a very low powered device so it only needs 10W to run which can be very cost effective when compared to other devices.

The main use of an Android TV Box such as this is probably to watch videos (TV/Movie/YouTube) so I was very disappointed when I clicked on a video and it was only 360P and I couldn't change it within the settings, even with Xposed Modules that were supposed to be able to override it. The only fix that I found was to rollback to an older version of YouTube (within the built in Aptoide app store) [There is Google Play Store as well just in case you were wondering] but even then the max was 720P and even though it looked better, I expected more.

Another disappointment was the fact you cannot cast to the TV/App as you would do with a Smart TV/Xbox One/Chromecast. There was a built in DLNA app within but it was confusing to use and sometimes didn't even work. I eventually tried using Miracast to watch in FullHD, but that required me to keep my phone on at all time while watching the video so it can be seen both on the TV and the phone, which seemed kind of counter-intuitive in my opinion.

Also, the software implementation was buggy. It uses a launcher called UtilOS which makes it easier to use but navigating can be quite hard. I ended up using Nova Launcher as I couldn't install the Google Android TV Launcher for some reason.


In conclusion, I do not think that the Rippl-TV is the right option for most unless you are looking to use Kodi/XBMC and unless the software gets fixed/updated in the future, you may as well buy a Google Chromecast 2.0 in my opinion as it is cheaper, easier to use and smaller.
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