Mpow Jaws Bluetooth Headset Review

The Mpow Jaws Headset is very comfortable and works very well.
I don't usually talk about packaging in my reviews but it was one of the best unboxing experiences that I have ever had. The box has a magnetic lid that you open, and then the first thing you see inside the box is the Mpow Jaws protected in soft foam (the best packaging in my opinion).


The build quality of the Mpow Jaws is good, it is very lightweight and durable. As it is comfortable and lightweight, sometimes you can forget that it is around your neck - which is a good thing. The buttons on the Mpow Jaws are very 'clicky' and tactile so you know when you have clicked them. The ear tips are magnetic and easily go into the neck band so they don't get tangled, which is nice for portability.

Pairing to my phone was really easy and there was a voice to tell you when it is connected. All you have to do is turn the ON/OFF slider to on, then turn your Bluetooth on your phone ON. Your phone should find a device called : "Mpow Jaws" and connects very easily. Once it is connected, a voice tells you, "Your headset is connected!" That was quite a nice little feature.

The sound quality of the Mpow Jaws is really clear and has a lot of bass for its size. The volume can get really loud but also can easily be turned lower by the buttons on the right of the neck band. Also, when listening to music on Google Play Music, you can easily swap between tracks with the next, and previous buttons on the left, also if you want to pause there is also a button on the left for that.


The battery in the Mpow Jaws lasts very long and comes precharged before it leaves the factory, so you can use it straight away. When it is out of charge, it lets you know. For charging, there is a Micro USB port (same as most Android smart phones) and it takes about 3 hours to fully charge it.


Also, it is very useful for people that want to listen to music while jogging or running, because even when running at full speed the Mpow Jaws stay around your neck.

In conclusion, I think that the Mpow Jaws is very nice wireless, versatile and portable as well as having brilliant audio quality and a long battery life!
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