Mpow Solar Lights Review - Small but impressive

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The Mpow 8 Bright LED Solar Lights are very impressive, especially for its size.

These solar lights are lightweight (pun unintended) and quite small, but they are still very good at their job. The lights came with 2 screws and two pillar hinges for installation and it was easy to install. The sensor has a good range of picking up motion and also the light seems to be bright and can illuminate a large area, especially as the light is angled.

The Mpow Solar Lights has three modes:
1 - High light mode
2 - DIM light mode
3 - Sensor light mode

1) High light mode:
This, as the name suggests is the brightest mode. The light will automatically turn on when it is dark, and when there is light it turns off. It is very bright and according to mpow it should last for around 4 to 6 hours before it needs light from the sun to charge.

2) DIM light mode:
This mode has a DIM light when it is dark, so it should illuminate a small area. However, when it picks up motion, the brightness increases to its maximum. If the movement stops, the lights dim again after roughly 10 seconds. This mode has a longer battery life than HIGH light mode.

3) Sensor mode:
In sensor mode, the light is never on unless it is dark and it picks up motion. This mode allows for a much larger battery life as the light is only on when it detects motion.

To charge the Mpow solar lights, it must be positioned in a place that gets sunlight, it is no use putting it under something that gives it shade.

In conclusion, I think that these solar lights are impressive, especially for how lightweight and small it is. The lights and sensor have a large range and also the 8 lights are very bright. However, one small problem is that it you cannot change the mode once it is installed on to as wall without uninstalling it; it would've been better if the switch for the modes was at a side, or discretely at the bottom.
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