Mpow iSnap Y Selfie Stick Review - Puts a smile on your face!

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This selfie stick is very robust and has a bit of heft to it; it feels very sturdy and durable.

The build quality of the iSnap Y Selfie Stick is really good. The product is made of rubber/plastic and metal. The 'telescopic' extender is made of metal and it is really strong, even when it is fully extended my phone feels safe and secure. The handle and U-shape phone mount is made of rubber and has a really nice grip to it which also makes the selfie stick secure as you are less likely to drop it and the mount has a good grip to the phone.

Pairing to my phone was extremely easy and this can be said with all Android/iOS smartphones. All you have to do is hold the button for four seconds until it starts flashing. Then on my phone under Bluetooth, you just have to click on mpow iSnap Y and you're connected. A few family members wanted to test it out with their phones and it connected easily. It should fit phones from 3.5" to 5.7", it fit my OnePlus 2 (5.5") and there was still enough room for a slightly larger device.image

The selfie stick came with a USB cable for charging the selfie stick in case it runs out, but the battery will last a long time before that happens. The USB cable is a good cable and feels strong but it was a little short in my opinion. The USB port of the iSnap Y is on the back, and is open. There is no flap to close it which would've been nice to keep dust out and prevent damage but it shouldn't matter much as your hand will be covering it most of the time.
In conclusion, I (and some family members) think that this product is very good for £18.99 and that it has good construction as it can fit a variety of phones. It connect very easily and quickly and it feels very good to use.
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