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Our YouTube Channel is a professional channel based in the UK where we play games as well as do Unboxing and Reviews for companies. We have over 175,000 views and we are now more active than ever before. HyperGamers is also supported by Razer.

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Our videos:


When we play games on our YouTube channel, we strive to make our content entertaining and immersive.
Our gaming content includes: walkthroughs, playthroughs, tutorials, and tips and tricks.


Unboxings on this channel are usually of tech related products . The video usually contains: the unboxing of the product; and a setup or first impressions section.


All of our reviews on this channel are unbiased and done to a professional standard. The reviews show all of the features of the products. We also talk about the advantages and disadvantages.


Our tutorials are quick and concise, whilst being informative and easy to follow